Gund 12 inch Pierre Panda Bear Plush Toy

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Are you looking for a big adventure? You need a friend that knows all about being adventurous and daring. How about Lil' Bear. Yes, the woods is a dangerous and scary place to live, but not for a bear. Bears are tough. Bears are daring. Bears really know how to get dirty and get the job done. Want to be big, brave, and adventurous like Lil' Bear? Team Cuddable thinks you should bring him home and get some tips.

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12" Pierre is a plush panda from the Bears collection, manufactured by Gund.
  • Name: Gund 12 inch Pierre Panda Bear Plush Toy
  • Country of Manufacture: China
  • Manufacturer: Gund
  • Brand: Bears / Teddy Bears
  • Color: Gray
  • Pattern: Fun Designs
  • Pose: Sitting
  • Softness: Soft and Cuddable
  • Battery Operated: No
  • Size: 12"
  • UPC: 028399085576
  • SKU: GD-4054127
  • Custom Design: No



  • Nice soft fur body.
  • Hard plastic eyes with soft plush body.
  • Detailed and accurate body pattern and design.


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