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Cuddable.com is the most inspired online source of plush characters, toys, novelties and more. While others attempt to reserve the joys of cuddly goods exclusively for kids, our website is open to shoppers of all ages and life stages. At Cuddable.com, we take an equal shine to adults, children, and ‘children at cart’ (you decide what that means). 

Say Squeeze™ tells you all about our family.       

If nothing else, you know that we’re passionate about plush. When developing our new slogan, we brought that love along to the drawing board. Say Squeeze™ is now newly minted, and proudly represents the Cuddable.com brand attitude: With a genuine love for adorability, we put fun in gifting, beauty in spreading smiles, and joy in the cuddly life. 

Hugs for buying, loving, gifting and BFFing. 

How does plush fit into your story? Maybe your child enjoys imaginative play. Perhaps your slice of heaven is witnessing your little one develop sensory skills. Could be you snuggle up with a life-size bedtime story to instill educational values. Mayhap you’re seeking the perfect gag gift to hand your friend their wits. Whatever the inspiration, we’ve got a huggable goody to match. 

If it’s cuddly, you’ll find it on Cuddable.com. 

What makes ours the broadest plush collection online is the dazzling range of categories we offer. From instantly loveable animals, to the safest playtime buddies, to popular and licensed characters from books, movies and TV, to original (read: goofy and whimsical) gift and gag ideas – nobody does it like Cuddable.com. Click here to go plush rushing.